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Every 2nd & 4th Sunday (business meeting 6:30pm Est/5:30pm cst) (Outpouring of the Apostles/Teaching/training/classes 7:00pm est/ 6:00pm cst)

T.E.A.R. International Apostolic                                      and Prophetic Network

Are you a Leader, Church/Ministry, ParaChurch, or Outreach Ministry looking for a covering,

accountablity, spiritual impartation, and to be Trained,Equipped, Activated, and Released into

your five-fold ministry gift; regardless of the gifting phase in which you find yourself? Then make

your next decision, your best decision and join us!

A Networking Fellowship that is primed to become a "Reformation"!

A "Reformation" is an element, insitution, organization or network of people who bring about

improvement or changes what is wrong, corrupt, or unsatisfactory by transforming something 

or someone to a better state, form, or condition. As we endeavor to both "Be and Do" for the Body of