About Us


Every 2nd & 4th Sunday (business meeting 6:30pm Est/5:30pm cst) (Outpouring of the Apostles/Teaching/training/classes 7:00pm est/ 6:00pm cst)

what is t.e.a.r.?

T.E.A.R. is the acronym for Training, Equipping, Activating and Releasing.

Its' function is to provide a covering, accountability, spiritual impartation, 

and activation to leaders in all phases of their gifting and five-fold ministry.

The Apostolic Mandate upon Apostle Hines' life is to father, raise up, and train

leaders for this age to fulfill the purpose that God has for their lives.  T.E.A.R. International

is the tool in which God has placed in his hands to accomplish this task.